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Reclaim back your monthly fees you pay for your current account even if you have used the benefits or agreed to it!

Option 2 - Request a Call back

If you’ve ever paid a monthly fee for your bank account then you could be entitled to a full refund plus interest for the full time you have been paying it. Reclaim my Fees are experts in reclaiming compensation for mis-sold financial products and can help you get your money back on a no-win, no fee basis.

Why use

  • Claims worked start to finish ’No-win, No-fee'
  • Save the time and hassle of claiming yourself
  • We can pinpoint the reason(s) for a mis-sold account
  • Average claim over £1000!

Paid bank accounts usually came with insurance cover such as mobile phone, travel etc and it’s this element that was often mis-sold. Reclaim my Fees can help to pinpoint the reason for a mis-sold account, explain why it was mis-sold and help you get your money back!

View our testimonials page to see a small sample of our satisfied customer experiences and how much we were able to claim back for them.

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